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We Are
Golden Leaf Weddings

We are engineers by education but Wedding Planners by passion. Our team comprises of experts who are crazy about making things right and planning the dream day for you. With unparalleled skills of planning, management and design, we make the perfect company to look forward to, to make your dream day come to life

About Us

Why Golden Leaf Weddings ?

Meet the perfect Wedding Duo -

Abhiyank & Puneet 

Engineers by education and Wedding Conceptualisers by Passion. We discovered 10 years ago that Weddings are the most creative sector in service. It is rightly said that every wedding is different and we make sure that it stays that way. 

We make sure that the vibe of every wedding that is plan is personalised and compliments the Bride, Groom and the guests. 

We conceptualise decor, design space, plan your entertainment and take care of hospitality services also. 

Indian Wedding Decorations
Image by Álvaro CvG

Our Approach

We always recommend to start the planning as soon as you have your dates. Planning includes finding you the perfect venue for your perfect wedding. A great venue solves more than half of the hassle. 

As soon as the venue is finalised, we start the process of planning the important bits of the wedding, like Decor Design, Entertainment Planning, Logistics and Hospitality Management. 

Solving these elements solves the major equation for the wedding. 

Our team then finds out the rest of the small yet important vendors to who give the final shape to your magical events. 

We have a dedicated team to take care of invites, gifts and other important things which make your wedding magical.


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